Sunday, May 26, 2013

THE SANTINIS: Vincente, Book 4

THE SANTINIS: Vincente, Book 4
4.5 STARs

Vincete “Vince” Santini, Marine, is the oldest of the Santini brothers and holds the honor of being the "last man standing."
... Jules is local florist shop owner, and former high school friends with the Santini brothers. Jules had a strained marriage that ended in divorce, and his subsequent death.
Vince has been in love with Jules since he was seventeen and now Jules is back and unattached. Will Vince be able to convince Jules to take a chance with him.
We also get to see the whole Santini Family and new members of the family together. This story was funny and sexy, and we also get a glimpse into the matriarch of the family as well.
This is the final installment of the Santini's, and I think Melissa Schroeder saved the best for last. It was bitter sweet when the story finished and I was left wanting more. I am hoping we get to see into the life's of the Santini's when she branches out to MJ's brothers.


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