Saturday, May 25, 2013

ELEVEN by Karen Rodgers

Eleven by Karen Rodgers $2.99 special for Memorial Day Weekend 2013
The First installment of the Journeys series by Karen S. Rodgers. Eleven is a love story that sweeps across Texas and the Southwest on a journey which winds and twists with an erotic pulsebeat that will leave the reader mesmerized.

5.0 out of 5 stars ElevenApril 3, 2013
By Karen Rodgers 
Review by: Wendy 

Wow. Didn't see that coming. This is a wonderfully written story. Karen Rodgers takes you on a journey with this book and there twists and turns that drag you in. Well played.
Author Bio

Karen S. Rodgers (1965 - present) is a small town gal from Meadow, Texas who spent 18 years wishing and trying to get out into the big world. She then spent 27 years finding herself in the city. Now she is back in the same small town with a million stories to tell; realizing her dream of becoming a writer.

In addition to several published short stories, Karen is currently in the process of writing and publishing the Journeys Series; a compilation of 11 novellas and novels. The first installment of the series, Eleven, was released in February of 2013. Its release has garnered 5 star reviews.
This author writes in a deliberately descriptive style which pulls the readers into her stories. By the time you finish reading one of her works, not only will you have developed vivid imagary of her characters through her fluidly eloquent style of characterization, you will quite simply find them…

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