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Punished Into Submission by Holly Carter- NEW TEASERS ADDED


Synopsis for Punished into Submission:

Release Date June 11, 2013

“Growing up with a drug dealer and a whore was never easy. I saw things that a child should never see. I felt things as a teenager that one should never feel and there are things that I heard that one should never hear. I was grateful when Sailor saved my life.”

Kat was determined to get away and become someone else after her tra...gic childhood. Become someone people would fear. Become invincible. Incredible. Painful. Harmful. Playful. Dangerous……..

When Kat breaks the law in her adopted club, she is sent to trial where the jury demands obedience, training, and a punishment she will never forget. They force her to become a submissive to none other than Hunter Ford, Master of Masters and Mistresses Palace, the most notorious BDSM club in the city.

Hunter is wanted by all and feared by many. He’s dark, dangerous, and sexy as sin. He’s the master. When he is handed a Switch to play with and teach, he thinks life couldn’t get much easier. How wrong he was. His life was about to get explosive.

Hunter has thirty days to make Kat obey him, respect him, want him, and kneel to him. Hunter’s methods are savage, sexy, and mind blowing. The feelings between this Dom and sub are never meant to be anything more than pleasure and pain. But when you mix pleasure, lies, and an earth shattering need there are arousing yet devastating consequences.

Will Hunter let his guard down? Can the Master be mastered? Or, will Kat give up control after her moment of clarity? Can Hunter succeed and punish her into submission?


Teaser One

“Fuck, I want to Kat.”
“Do it, just take it.”
I can tell he thinks about it, slowly he runs his tip against my opening. My mouth falls open, my eyes squeeze shut.
“You and sailor are fucking killing me.”
With that his weight shifts. I open my eyes and see him standing putting on his pants. I’m so wet, and horny I can’t think straight.
“Come on hunter, just fuck me already!” I scream in frustration.
Hunter turns and eyes me. I see something briefly flash across his eyes before he walks back over to me. He grabs my chin, roughly.
“Greed, that’s your next sin. Get dressed and meet me in the dungeon in an hour,” he lets my chin go and starts towards the door. “Don’t touch yourself.” He shouts before closing the door.
I scream into my pillow. Screw him, I need to get off!
I climb out of bed and grab my clothes for a shower.
I stood in the hot shower and let the cascade down my body. When I was fully soaked I began to wash my body with my cherry soap. The bubbles felt refreshing popping against me sensitive skin.The ache between my legs returned when it came to washing that area. I put the sponge up on the rack and returned my fingers between my legs. I knew hunter had no way of telling if I’d gotten off when he wasn’t around, and there is no cameras here, well, I didn’t think there was.
My fingers slid between my folds and I started to rub the sensitive bud. A small moan escaped my lips and I bite it gently. My fingers worked their way down a little and I inserted a finger into my wet core. It wasn’t going to take me long, and I was grateful for that. As I worked up a Rhythm I started to moan unable to stop it. My orgasm was close already, just a little bit more…….
“What the fuck are you doing?”
I scream and turn quickly, abandoning my orgasm.
Hunter stands with the door open looking at me with anger and lust in his eyes.
“What the fuck hunter!” I shout, trying to close the door.
Hunter blocks the door with his foot so I cant close it and doesn’t say anything for long minutes, he just stares. Unable to take it anymore, I take measures into my own hands.
“You going to stand there or fucking join me?”
The devil himself smiles…….

(unedited & Subject to change, R18+)

Teaser Two

“The hunter always stalks his prey, mindfully.” He whispers, sending delicious shivers down my spine.
As I pull on the rope, it bites into my skin leaving memorable marks and splitting pain. Hunters words from earlier hit me suddenly. ‘Its not always about the chase, its about how you handle the situation when you’re caught.’
“Now that I’ve caught you, how are you going to han…dle your torture?” Hunter says, before biting my neck almost painfully.
Hunter takes a step back and grins. I almost moan in anticipation as he produces a blindfold. It gives me a good comeback from his words.
“I’m going to handle it just fine,” I smile back. “It’s you that I’m worried about.”
With that my world plummets into darkness. The only senses I have to rely on now, instinct. And my instincts tell me, I’m in for one hell of a ride tonight.

Teaser Three

“I want to kiss you right now, Hunter. But only because I owe you for last night.” I grab his face between my hands.
His day old growth is rough against my palms, but its hot as fuck on him. I bring his lips down to mine, he opens for me instantly. His tongue automatically seeks mine, and softly we stroke each others. As the kiss inte…nsifies my hands leave his face and roam down his chest which is hovering above my basically naked body.
Hunter starts to pull away, and out of sheer panic I clamp down on his bottom lip.
He moans.
“I’m going to kiss you somewhere else.” He whispers, before trails open mouthed kisses down my neck, over my breasts, and down my stomach……..
“Holy, fuck.” I moaned, as I hear him ripped my panties.
“You’ll be screaming that soon.” Hunter growls.

Teaser Four

“A sin is classified as deadly not merely because it is a serious offense morally, but because it gives rise to others, especially in the manner of a final cause.”

Teaser Five

He reached around and took my nipples between his forefinger and thumb pinching and pulling.
I couldn’t help but moan.
He didn’t tease for long. He moved his hands down my stomach, over my mound and pinch my thighs. The pain was exhilarating. I opened my legs for him as he cupped my sex and began to work my clit with the heel of his hand. My hips instantly, working a rhythm to try get some relief.
“You’re so wet, I can feel it everywhere.” Hunter growled, sending shocking shivers all over my already too sensitive body.
He inserted two fingers and began a constant rhythm, in and out, in and out. He was beginning to know my body so well, and as much as I hated that, I fucking loved it more.
As I felt those delicious clenches coming, he stopped and pulled his fingers away. I craved the control over my own body and he knew that.
I whimpered in protest, but said nothing.
Spinning me around, I was lifted up and placed on the pipe organ. With the keys under my ass, the notes sounded throughout the room. I stared at hunter who was naked and hard. Fuck, he was gorgeous. I reached out for his cock, but his hands come up to stop me.
“Don’t you want a hand tonight, Hunter?” I purred.
Shaking his head, he nestled between my thighs and was inside me before I could blink. My head fell back instantly, and painful bites and kisses showered my neck and collar. His gentle rhythm became urgent, and grunts could be heard over the constant bellowing from the pipes.
“Oh god, Hunter.” I moaned, as his rhythm became more urgent.
“Fuck, you feel so good.” Hunter whispered, before taking my mouth with his.
We were both covered in sweat which made our naked bodies slide against each other with ease. Tonight’s sexual tension was thick, and I needed this so fucking bad. I hated what this man was doing to me. My muscles started to clench, my orgasm was coming back in full force. I wouldn’t be able to hold it much longer, and I’d be fucked if I was to ask to permission after tonight. he took my lip between his teeth, pulling it gently before letting it go.
“I’m going to come so fucking hard,” he grunted. “Your punishment for denying me is, you’re not allowed too come.”
As those words came out of his mouth……. My orgasm struck, with my nails racking down his back, his cries and my moans filled the air. I had been a bad girl tonight, and by the sounds of it……….
My Master was just getting started.

Teaser Six

With my feet and hand secured tightly, I wasn’t going anywhere. Hunter watched me from his chair, with nothing but pure hunger in his eyes. It was hot, exciting and made me slightly afraid. I watched as hunter slowly stood and began undressing.As his fingers unbuttoned his …shirt, I licked my lips in anticipation. His chest was rising and falling calming. Mine, was erratic. I closed my eyes to stop the floor of want that was cursing through me.
“Open your eyes.” hunter growled.
Reluctantly I opened them.
His shirt was completely gone. His bare chest glistened with beads of sweat from his workout cover his grim reaper tattoo.
I bite my lip.
With a tainted smirk on his face, hunter ran his fingers down his chest until they met the top of his jeans. He was going to kill me if he didn’t stop.
“Greed,” Hunter states, unbuttoning his pants. “Excessive or rapacious desire, especially for ones possessions.”
I swallowed hard, and briefly closed my eyes to try gain some kind of composure. I couldn’t fail this. I needed to be rewarded. When my eyes open again, hunter was unzipping his pants slowly. Fuck, I knew there was nothing underneath those………. Tonight is going to be long and painful. I just see it now.

Teaser Seven

My hand grazed the hard wood before I grasped it in my hand as I started to step. A cold chill came over my body, but before I had time to react, a warm hand cupped my mouth preventing me from screaming. The other hand wrapped tightly around my body.
“Hush,” he whispers. “Don’t scream.”

Teaser Eight

It was somewhere between pleasure and pain. Every time I moved, the ropes pulled tighter which in turn, made them bite harder in my skin. Hunter used the crop to work me over, each strike becoming harder and harder.
“Please, Hunter.” I begged.
For what I was begging, I had no idea.
“You’re begging me already, and I haven’t even begun.” He said, as the crop bit my skin once last time.
Hunter dropped the crop, and I watched as it hit the floor. When my eyes met his again, they were fierce. Something untold was haunting him. I watched him as he moved towards the table picking up another form of torture. My eyes grew wide as he turned and stalked towards me……..
I was in for a treat tonight……I could tell.
“When are you going to learn to address me correctly, Kat.” Hunter said, holding a whip.
I bite my lip in anticipation.
“Are you scared?” He asked, as he got closer.
I didn’t speak.
I wasn’t scared.
I was fucking joyous.
“Hmmmm, inflicting pain. delicious.” He said, as the first strike hit my already sensitive skin.

Teaser Nine

Kat’s in Trouble……
Simon made his way through the crowd until he was stopped in front of me. His dangerous green eyes penetrated right through me just like Hunter’s did.
I was in trouble.
“Hey gorgeous girl, where’s your leash?” He asked.
Smiling and lightly pressing his fingers on my exposed throat. His eyes followed his fingers down my throat, then back up until the tips of his fingers traced my lips.
“He’s in a meeting with some wench.” I stuttered. “He’s probably whipping and fucking her as we speak.” It came out completely wrong, but I didn’t care. I continued to stare at Simon, and he at me. The rule for tonight was not to talk to him, no matter what. Would this piss Hunter off? Fuck yeah!
“You sound jealous there, Kat.”
I thought about how similar the two of them were. They could pass for twins. I also wondered how hard, toned, and thick Simon would be under those cloths… Wait, did he just say jealous??
“I’m not fucking jealous, I’m anxious to get the fuck out of here.” I said, finally snapping out of my dream.
I had to get away from him, I couldn’t do this. He had danger written all over his beautiful face, and you know me…. I’m addicted to it. I felt like my walls were finally breaking, and I was breaking with them. Hunter really did a number on me, and I fucking hated it. My thirty days were becoming too long and I couldn’t take it anymore.
I made it outside before I finally let go, I fucking cried. I missed my world, my life, everything I had built to hide me from this world. And now, it was disappearing.
When unfamiliar arms wrapped around me, I froze.
“Let me make it better, Kat. Come with me.” His breathe was on my neck. “I’ll even let you whip me.”
I spun around in an instant. Simon had the most dangerous smile splayed across his face. Of all times Hunter’s words came back to me. ‘You will not hurt anyone while you are here, and you will not submit to anyone else but me.’
Did I want to break Hunter’s rules?
Even after everything he had done to me?

Teaser Ten

I had him right where I wanted him…….
“It’s hard when you’re the one taking it, right?”
Hunter closed his eyes briefly before opening them. When I looked into his green depths, I saw anger, rage, and violence. He was pissed.
A giggle escaped my lips.
Leaning over his restrained body I ran my tongue along his exposed chest, tracing his nipples teasingly. When he moaned, I traced my tongue up his throat until finally, I met his lips.
He groaned.
“Never piss off someone who has more power than you, Hunter.” I whispered, my lips just tracing his. “Payback’s a bitch remember.”

Teaser Eleven

“Kneel on the stairs, hands out in front of you.”
I did as he asked.
The wooden stairs were hard against my knees, but I couldn’t care. I would probably have bruises later, but I wanted this I needed this. With my hands stretched out to the steps above me, and my arse proudly in the air, I waited. I heard the zipper coming down and braced myself for the onslaught of his cock. …
But it didn’t come…….
Instead, a hard bite of pain struck across my arse.
I cried out unable to stop.
“I said, don’t scream.” Hunter said, leaning over me.
Hunter demanded that I count.
Each time the belt struck, I counted out loud.
My head feel forwards as the belt struck again, and again. A pattern started to emerge, ass, thigh, ass, and thigh. The burning, stinging pain was intoxicating. Soon I was lost in its purity. But I wanted more, I wanted hunter.
Than nothing.
I waited. I could hear Hunters erratic breathing over my own; I wanted to turn my head to see him. But I stopped myself. All I could feel was heat, my body hot with every sensation imaginable. And I liked it. I needed more.
After a few minutes both our breathing hard calmed, even breaths sounded in the air. Sensing movement from behind me, I tensed.
“You owe me a bottle of scotch.” Hunter growled.
With that, he continued up the stairs, leaving me drenched, leaving me wanting more….leaving me wanting him.

Teaser Twelve

“Let me go, Kat.” Hunter growled, impatiently.
I walked to the table, and picked up my favourite crop. It was light, yet nasty if used right. When I turned around, Hunters eyes widened.
“Fuck off, Kat.”
I stepped towards him.
… He rattled the chains that held him restrained. When I was standing I front of him again, I ran the crop over his bare chest, up to his unshaven chin. I flicked the crop lightly, making contact with his drenched skin. His head tipped back as he swallowed hard.
“Let’s play a game, Hunter.” I said, straddling his thighs. “You tell me what you want to do with me when you finally get out of these restraints, and if I like it…..I’ll reward you.”
“You’re playing with fire.” Hunter whispered, when I leaned in closer.
I licked his lip, but pulled back slightly at the realization of his words. A soft laugh escaped me.
He was totally wrong this time.
“Are you’re about to burn, baby.” I said as my mouth covered his.
The bitch was back, and hotter than ever…….

Teaser Thirteen

“I have a feeling it’s going to be a long night for you, Kat.” Hunter said, obviously humouring the idea of me tied to the bed, and having to learn patience…..
His finger traced each nipple In turn. I was melting, literally. I hated what this man did to my body, mind, and my sex drive. It was like all a sudden my body was tuned into everyt…hing about him. I hear him of a morning working out and suddenly I find myself wanting him. I hate it. But I love it also. These feelings he brings out in me are fucking animal, ferrel, hurtful, powerful. Hunter makes me feel like I can do anything, I can stand any torture he puts me through. He makes me feel like I can fight those demons that haunt my dreams. He makes me shiver when he touches me. He makes my world stop when he strokes me. He makes my control turn into nothing when he licks me, sucks me and fucks me.
“Are you listening to me?” hunter’s voice breaks through my thoughts.
“No,” I say, a little too breathless.
Silence forms.
I can feel his eyes burning to my body, but I can’t bring myself to open my eyes. I take my lip between my teeth as hunters hands work over my breasts. My subconscious is screaming for some sort of relief, a firmer touch, more pain….. Anything.
“What are you thinking, Kat.”
His hands stop touching me and the bed moves. Dark shadows cover my face and I squeeze my eyes close tighter. Don’t open your eyes; don’t open your eyes I repeat over and over again. My poker face has been shot to shit lately.
“Open your eyes.” his voice is soft, touching.
Hunters thumb pulls on my bottom lip, until it slips through my teeth. Instantly I lick my lip, and graze my tongue along the pad of his thumb. Slowly, he pushing it into my mouth and I suck gently. I can feel his breathing accelerate as I work my tongue around the tip. Hunter withdraws his thumb, running the moisture along my top than bottom lip. I can feel his breath on me.
“open.your.eyes.” he repeats.
Reluctantly, I open my eyes.
His wild depths search mine.
My heart rate is frantic. My head spins. I can’t stop my thoughts. I want him. I want more than like this.
“Hunter, I…..”
His expression changes, as he brings his lips down to mine. The whole act is intimate. His tongue softly brushes against mine. I moan. He moans. We both coax each other, soft licks and strokes. I pull on the restraints, my fingers long to touch his skin. I can feel the hardening wax on my skin. It tightens my skin as it sets. As one of hunters hands strokes my hair the other leaves my chin, and travels down my body. His moist thumb, travels to my nipple, teasing, pinching, and rolling. My soft moans are swallowed his gentle mouth working with mine.
When my nipples can’t get any more sensitive and harder, he continues his travel down my flat stomach. I tense as I feel his finger dip into my belly button. He knows I hate it. Something I wish I never told him about me. I have not had the pleasure to see this softer, gentle, human side of hunter. And for some fucked up reason….. I love it.……….
My thoughts cease to exist when that magic thumb skims ever so softly over my swollen clit. my body heats as he touches me there. Hunters tongue frantically seeks mine, but I resist.
I must not show weakness.
Hunter fights.
I fight harder.
I pull away and turn my head to the side.
“Do you not like gentle?” hunter asks, breathless, and plummeting two fingers into my core.
I arch my back at the sudden envision. I feel so full with his fingers in my drenched wetness. Once again, my teeth find my lip. Hunter doesn’t move his fingers once he has them inside as far as they will go. I can feel the tip of middle fingers hitting my cervix.
“I’m going to fuck you so hard,” hunter growls. “With my fingers. I’m going to have you screaming my name along with gods. Because, I am fucking god when it comes to giving you everything you desire.”
My muscles clench around his fingers at his dirty words. Moments like this I wish he would just beat the fuck out of me, so it takes away that pinch in my chest. He starts to withdraw his fingers and my greedy depths suck him back in. without knowing what I was doing, I bucked against his hands, urging him to do as he said.
“You’re so greedy, Kat. Do you remember what the punishment for greed was?” Hunter says, before sliding his slickened fingers back into my core.
How could I forget the punishment for greed……….

Teaser Fourteen

I stand in front of Hunter naked, restrained by my wrists, and blindfolded. I still don’t know what I did to deserve this, but I will be thinking about it long and hard, just so I can have this pleasure again. Every inch of my body is humming after all the foreplay with the crop, flogger, and last but not least… the bullwhip.
Parts of my body felt like they were on fire, other parts, felt like heaven. I jumped slightly when I felt something soft start stroking over my stomach…..what was it? Suddenly, the fragrance hit me. It was a rose.
“I remember you said you liked Roses, so I thought we would play.” Hunter whispered, before licking my lips, teasing me.
He lifted the rose to my nose one more time and instructed me to smell, its strong scent fills my passages. Hunter rubs the rose bud over her lips until I part them. I feel the sharp prick of the torn on my lip, as he puts the stalk between my teeth. I hear his footsteps and know he has left me.
I hear metal clinking together as he approaches me again. My body reacts whenever he is near, and it drives me wild. Hunter drives me wild, sexually, mentally, and physically.
“Deep breath.” He instructs.
Reaching around from behind me, he takes each nipple in his fingers, and starts rolling it gently until they form hard peaks. When he’s satisfied, he pinches and pulls gaining a slight moan from my lips. I sense the clamps before I feel them. Hunter applies them gently one at a time. These little suckers have enough bite to cause pain, but used the right way, they will cause a lot of pleasure… and well, I’m totally down for that.
He moves my long red hair off my shoulder and places light open mouthed kisses on my sweat covered skin. I feel a gentle tug on the tip of the rose, and open enough for it to be removed. As I lick my lip, I can taste the metallic taste of blood.
“Do you want me?” Hunter asks, stroking the rose across my shoulders.
“You know I do.” I moan.
The bud trails from my neck down my spine, sending delicious tingles to my finger and toes.
“Do you need me?”
Fuck I like this game…..
The rose dips at the base of my spine before it travels oh so slowly over my hip, I bite my lip to suppress the groan that’s aching to be released.
“Will you please me?” His breath is in my ear.
“You know I will.” I say, moving my head to the side.
I want to capture his hot mouth, but once again, he licks my lip and pulls away. One of Hunter’s hands hold the chain that’s joined to the clamps attached to my over sensitive nipple, while the other continues to torture me with the rose bud. Gentle strokes travel up center to each breast. The softness of the petals stroking my skin calms the fire I feel on my skin.
“Do you like this, Kat?” Hell fucking yeah I like this.
I nod my response.
A rough tug on the chain sends a shiver down my spine and a loud moan from my lips.
“Will you ever learn?” Hunter’s breath is on my face, I can feel his closeness.
Without thinking I lean forwards and lick his bottom lip before clamping down on it. Hunter’s tongue strokes my lip and I take that as an invitation to taste his sweetness. With his tongue coaxing mine, I moan. Fuck this man can kiss. I want to touch him, every inch of him……..
Hunter senses my eagerness and pulls away.
Leaving me breathless.
My skin is slick with sweat, making the rose slide easier over my skin as it begins to travel down my stomach, over my belly button, and down my smooth center. I gasp as I feel it rub against me.
I’m drenched. I want him to penetrate me. Take me. Fuck me. Make me scream his name, over and over like he did this morning
“Will you tease me again, Kat?” Hunter says, shocking me with his words.
Oh fuck…………
“Envy, is a feeling resentment aroused by and in conjunction with desire for the possessions or qualities of another.” Hunter whispers in my ear, sending thrilling shivers over my body. “Also known as jealously. You made me jealous, Kat, and now it’s time for your punishment.”I whimper………
“Oh, yes. Your punishment hasn’t even begun.” With that, Hunter removes my blindfold.
My eyes widen in shock, when I release we are not alone………

Teaser Fifteen

I watch as Hunter walks towards the bench and retrieves the bucket of ice. Somehow, I knew this was coming. After my comment at the bar this afternoon it was only a matter of time. I enjoy the view as he places the bucket on the side table before taking off his shirt, revealing his tight chest and sexy muscles. My subconscious is asking god, why this man is so fucking hot? and why the hell it is me who has to switch off that desire I have to run my tongue over his body, licking, sucking and biting every inch of him.
“You’re drooling.”
I look up to hunter’s face and see him smirking. Like always, he catches me at the wrong times and the moisture on my lips is telling me he’s right. I am fucking drooling over this sexy as sin mother fucker.
“Not drool you see, its mortification. Put a freaking shirt on, you’re turning me against men.” I silently laugh at my joke, hunter on the other hand…. doesn’t laugh.
He swats me firmly on my exposed thigh, the sting makes my senses waken.
“It was drool, and don’t lie,” Hunter leans over my restrained body, “you fucking love every hard inch of me on you, touching you, and especially in you.”
“Whatever…..” Hunter puts his finger on my lips, stopping me from finishing.
“Don’t lie; it’s a sin to lie. I think you have committed enough of them today.

Teaser Sixteen

“So, are you going to beg me?” I whisper, looking into his widening depths.
 “No, Kat” Hunter shakes his head. “It’s you that will be begging.”
His voice is dangerously seductive.
     And we stand staring at each other, neither of us moving closer. I bite my lip, raking my teeth along the soft tissue. The urge to reach... out and rip his clothes off is strong. I remember what his hard body feels like under my fingers, how much I want to lick every inch of his body, starting with the hard bulge that is evident in his pants. My pulse is erratic, my breathing changes, desire pools between my thighs.
 “Like what you see?” Hunter asks, cocky fucker that he is.
 "Not really, but you’ll do.”
        I can’t hold back anymore. In an instant I have him pinned against the wall, my lips seeking his immediately. Hunter grabs me by my ass and pulls me tighter against his body. I can feel his erection through his pants and I can wait to wrap my lips around it. I ran my hands through his hair, and pull gently. He isn’t the only one that gets off on inflicting pain.
       The moment between us changing in a flash, Hunter grips my thighs and lifts me. I wrap my legs around his waist and he slams me hard against the wall, our lips never part. As his tongue coaxes mine, I moan in anticipation as to what’s coming. The music is pumping in the bar. Over five thousand people are at the Palace tonight and here we are, about to have sex in the girls bathroom.
Hunter’s hands roam my body, my thighs, my ass, up my back…… one of his hands comes round to cup my aching breast as the other winds around my hair. Roughly, he pulls until our mouths are no longer joined.
     “I have been watching you all night. “Hunter growls, the tone rumbles through my body, making me whimper. “The way you were rubbing yourself against that stripper, made me want to spank the fuck out of you, then fuck you hard. But since we don’t have much time, I’m going to fuck you for punishment, but…. You are not allowed to come.”
     “Screw you, Hunter.” I spat back, annoyed at this whole situation.
 I hate that I want him.
 But he fucking loves it.
 Hunter reaches between us, and grips my panties under my ridiculously short skirt, and tears them. I gasp as I feel two long fingers enter my wet core.
      “You’re so fucking wet. Is this for me or that whore you were kissing earlier?” Hunter’s tone is aggressive, yet hungry.
    I love it.
    “A lady never kisses and tells.” I throw a smart remark out there; I love my ability to piss him off at times like this.

Punished into Submission-2013

Teaser Seventeen

Tightening his belt around my bound wrists, Hunter brings his mouth to my ear.
 "They say this room is sound proof, let’s test that theory."
 Anticipation races through my veins.........
 "Do your worst." I pant, my panties would be saturated if I was wearing any.
 Hunter spins me around and bends me over the bench. I can hear my heartbeat in my ears. My body is tingling all over.......
 ... "I have a confession of my own. Do you want to hear it, Kat?" Hunter’s voice is low, yet dangerous.
 I can't look at you without getting hard. I can't think about you, without wanting to be buried deep inside you. I can't stand it when I hear your name. It makes me what to restrain you and fuck you until you scream my name. And I can't stop myself from wanting you to submit to me, emotionally, physically, and mentally. You, bring me to my knees."
 "You’re going to hell, Hunter." My breath catches as Hunter hits me hard.
 "And you’re fucking coming with me." He says, ruggedly.
     If he continued to do this to me, I will chase him there and together we would watch the devil cringe at our antics. Hunter grabbed my hair in his fist tightly, and pulled sending tingling sensations to the right spots. Since we were doing this in a confessional..... We weren't going to heaven that was certain!
 "You ready to scream for me, Kat?"
 A tight laugh escapes my lips......

Punished into Submission

Teaser Eighteen

Never taking my eyes off Hunter’s, I lean forward bringing my lips to his swollen tip. Very slowly, I lick from tip to base and back again watching as his mouth falls open, but he quickly recovers by biting his lip. I know he is controlling himself, but for how long?
Just as I think he is trying to be a gentleman, he reaches out with one hand and thread...s it through my long locks, before grabbing it roughly. The other hand grips the base of his cock. I grin in anticipation. I like hunter’s sweet side, but I crave his ferocious side more.
Hunter runs the wet tip along my lip, I instantly open but he pulls my head back stopping me. He wants to tease instead. But, so do I. I wet my lips with my tongue; in the process it slightly touches him. I watch intently as Hunter guides his hand back and forth, effectively pleasuring himself. I dampen instantly. I’m so hot for him, four days without his cock, in, on or near me was too much.
I need to get my mouth wrapped around him. So I do what I said I would never do……
"Please, Master, let me suck you off."
I watch as hunter’s hooded eyes widen in shock at the fact I called him Master. Hunter tightens the grip on my hair and brings my mouth close, I grin in appreciation.
"Suck me." he commands.

Punished into Submission

Teaser Nineteen

(unedited & subject to change) R18+

Hunter is really something else. In such a short time he has learnt what makes me tick, what makes me explode and what makes me break. This Master may be one man that I cannot bend to my rules. As much as I try to make my move, he is one step ahead the whole time. It’s sexy really.
Hunter’s grip on my waist loosens and our devouring kiss is... broken. I open my eyes as Hunter starts walking me backwards, my knees hit the bed seconds later and I’m thrown half pushed onto my back. Hunter’s fingers work to unbutton my jeans before he strips me bare from the waist down.
"You are, so fucking wet already." Hunter says, before licking his lips.
I bury my head into the soft sheets as I feel his hand lightly trail the inside of my leg. A single finger runs down my dampened slit before pushing inside.
"Bring your legs up, and open for me. I want to see your pussy, wet, wanting, and aching for me."
His words escalate my pulse.
Shivers rack my body.
I close my eyes and do as he asked.
"I am going to wreck you for anyone else, you know that don’t you?" His voice is husk, devilish almost.
I lay open to this man I said I would never submit to, yet here I am. My continuing thoughts fuck right off as one finger is replaced with two. Each stroke rubs my nerves, sending tingles of pleasure throughout me.
"Open those eyes, and sit up as much as you can." Hunter demands. "I want you to see me devour you, but you aren’t allowed to make any noise. None."
Fuck me running……..
"Oh, no." escapes my mouth before I can filter it.
"Control. You really should try it. Now, get up so you can watch." His hand connects with my thigh, leaving a slight sting in its wake.

Punished into Submission-2013

Teaser Twenty
Hunter lifts my dress over my head revealing my complete nakedness underneath. His eyes rake over my body before meeting my own, and that’s when I notice the fire in his eyes. I step back against the wall when he steps closer to me. Every sense I have is telling me to walk away, to get... away while I can, to not submit to this man...... but the rational part is telling me that I’ll love it, and I’ll get through it.... that I need to feel this.
As my body hits the wall, the tiles send a shudder through me. I suck in a harsh breathe when Hunter brings his fingers up to his shirt and starts to slowly unbutton it. His smooth, rock hard body glistens with sweat from his workout that I rudely interrupted.
"I've been thinking about you all fucking day, Kat." Hunter’s eyes continue to darken.
My already moist core tightens in anticipation of a promise. He steps forward, caging me between his hard body and the cold wall. When his shirt is fully open, he brings his hands up to my shoulders and rakes them down my arms.
"It’s too late to be scared. Remember what I said about fear?" His breath is hot against my flesh.
Before I can answer, he grips my hips almost painfully pulling my body tight against his.
"I can’t control this feeling anymore, Kat. Sometimes I don't trust myself with you and wish you'd run from me," he whispers, his voice nervous yet dangerous.
I'm truly shocked by his words. Did he just tell me to run? I have never trusted anyone the way I trust Hunter. He brings out this powerful woman in me; he makes me feel like I can handle the world and anything it throws at me. But I also feel like I’m finally cracking into the hard shell of his beautiful, perfectly broken man. He has been chipping away at my layers for days and here I am, where I think I truly want to be and he tells me he'd wish I'd run.......
Instinct comes back.......
"No," I reach up and grab his face roughly in my hands, bringing his eyes level with mine. "I'm not running. Do your worst Hunter. Hurt me, control me, punish me. But don't push me away."
Hunter blinks a few times; the words I have spoken slowly sink in.
I don't have time to process what I've just said, because before I know what is happening I'm picked up and thrown on the table. The contents of glasses and plates smash as they hit the floor. I moan in delight as I watch Hunter tear at his pants, freeing his rock hard length. I instantly lick my lips.
"If I didn't want to fuck you so bad I would make you suck me first," Hunter growls, before positioning himself at my entrance.
"I like it when you're rough, don't take pity of me now," I tease. I suck in a breathe as he drives wildly into me.

Punished into Submission
Teaser Twenty-One

That was our heart wrenching moment together. We are both such broken souls. It brought the wrath I felt earlier to the surface again, yet something else followed....... trust maybe?
"Why do we always fight what is right there and good for us?" Hunter speaks softly.
"Because we are smart and know that love is for fools," I bite back, a little ...too quickly.
Hunter's line earlier about me never being good enough shattered me. I wasn't going to show that emotion however. I was stronger than that. He was becoming weak, and as much as these feelings fought to break free, I wouldn't let them.
Because I wasn't good enough.....
I was so much more and Hunter was my limit.....
Little did he know, he would become my hard limit in exactly five days.

Punished into Submission
 Teaser Twenty-Two
I wanted relief.
I needed it.
Craved it.
Worked for it.
... But, I couldn't have it. Hunter had made that clear in the beginning. Made it clear by torturing my body inch by biting inch...... Each bite mark, each bite of the leather, each kiss, lick and suck that brought me close was stopped moments before the release hit.
I was frustrated.
Feral with need.
Need for him to finish me off.
"I love how vicious you get when I tease you. It's almost like you love it." Hunter speaks against my skin and once again he starts working those magic fingers inside me, while his tongue torments my clit.
I want to say something smart, something fake, but it will never get me where I want to be. So I say the only thing I actually feel.....
"I do love it, I do love...." I stop myself. I stop myself from saying those words that have the potential to make me weak, make me vulnerable to getting my heart ripped out and served cold.
"What do you love." He whispers, stopping all movement.
The air is filled with only heavy breathing and lies......
"I do love it when you tease me, Hunter. It makes me hate you all the more."

Punished into Submission
Teaser Twenty-Three
Rough, edgy hands touch my body.
  I moan.
 The feeling of another body jerks me awake. I roll back and see the shadow. It's dark, but I can roughly make out the person next to me.
 "What are you doing here?" I ask, shocked, trying to sit up.
... He doesn't allow me. Instead, he pulls me tight against his body, rubbing his nose against my exposed skin.
  "I hate you, I hate you so much." He moans, as his teeth sink into my flesh.
  It's painful yet tasteful. He knows I like this, just as much as he likes doing it. He marks me, I know it. Since he can't collar me, the next best thing to him is marking my skin for his own.
  "I want to hurt you, but I don't trust myself right now." As he speaks I can smell the rich branded scotch on his breath.

Punished into Submission
Teaser Twenty-Four
Hunters POV

Kat was everything Sailor said and more. She kept me on my toes, and brought me out of my mind when I was with her. She made me different.....better almost. But most of all, she brought me to my fucking knees.

Kat has this ability to make me question what I do. How I feel. How I think. And what the consequences will be if I act on them. It was maddening, yet... stunning all in one.

I watch as her chest rises and falls with each steady even breath she takes in her slumberous state. She is mesmerizing. Beautiful. Peaceful in this moment. And quiet for once. Her smart mouth gets on my nerves but it also gets me hard.

I stand and walk toward her. Kat’s red locks fan the pillow. While one of her hands rest on her naked stomach, the other lays beside her face. I know I shouldn't, but I have to touch her. Kat’s perfect, red, plump lips are begging to be sucked, bitten, and kissed gently all at once. My cock stirs at the thought of her underneath me. Panting, wanting, waiting for permission to come.....

I lean over and lick those lips before kissing the sides of her mouth gently. I tell myself to leave her asleep, leave Kat peaceful and quiet...... but I cant. My tongue dives in between those lips quickly. I can’t stop myself with her. She opens to me, to the submissive she is, but refuses to acknowledge.

She stirs awake as I devour her mouth with my own. As I claim that sweet mouth.


It's a warning, but I refuse to acknowledge it.

"You've been quiet for too long, Kat. I want to make you come and listen to those screams one more time," I say before stepping away and slowly ridding myself of my clothes.

Punished into Submission
 Teaser Twenty-Five
“You disobeyed my orders. You want to know how I feel about that?" There's a dangerous tone to his voice.

"Hard?" I question, grinning like an idiot.

Hunter growls deep in his throat before closing the distance between us. When he's standing in front of me, he indicates for me to turn around. I do as he asks, but not before rolling my eyes.

"Lesson one is fuc...king simple." Hunter bites. "I give you an instruction, you follow it, and if you do as you’re told you will get rewarded. If you disobey me you will get punished."

I don't think Hunter realized how much I enjoyed his threats.

"Maybe I want to be punished, Hunter." I smile to myself as I speak, but I sense Hunter can hear it in my voice.

I hear his sharp intake of breath, then feel his hands on me seconds later. The atmosphere in the room changes the instant he touches me. Movement out the corner of eye causes my head to turn. On the table are varies crops, floggers and whips. Hunter fingers each handle before he brings his eyes to meet mine.

"Turn around."

It's a simple and quick order, which I obey. His fingers tighten around my neck slightly and I know the hit is coming. I brace myself for It. I don't wait long. It comes hard and fast. Biting pain lashes across my back. I cry out the instant it strikes again.

“Count, Kat," Hunter commands.


He hits me again and the pain radiates throughout me.

"Two." It feels good.

"How many do you deserve?" His tone is harsh.

I don't answer.

He doesn't ask again.

"Three." It cuts into my flesh.

“Four." I moan this time.

I'm getting more fucking turned on with each hard hit. I continue to count as he continues to dish out my punishment for disobeying him. I make it to seven before he stops. The object he handled hits the ground with a thud and he lets me go. I can hear his breathing, rugged and edgy. I turn to face him.

My skin burns slightly. I have no doubt in my mind that the red marks will stick for a few hours. But I don't mind. It will remind me to be late more often. Hunter reaches out and grabs my hand, shocking me slightly when he places it on his chest. I can feel his heart beating wildly against my palm.

"Undress me," he orders.


"Because if you don't, I won't let you come. And trust me, for what I have planned, you'll want too." Hunter steps forward closing the tiny gap that formed. His body up against mine, my palm firmly on his chest.

Punished into Submission

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