Monday, September 30, 2013

Guest Reviewer Search!

Hi everyone! I have been doing this little blog for about 8 months now, and thanks to all the support, it has gotten bigger than I ever expected. There were a lot of big changes in my life this summer and I feel like I am so far behind. I get closer everyday to catching up, but I always feel like I am letting everyone down because I don’t have as many reviews done as I would like. Nicole with Ariesgrl Book Reviews has helped me with her awesome reviews(show her some love, she is an awesome reviewer ( .))

Her help has got me to thinking... I want to do a “Contest” of sorts to see if I can get a few more reviewers on board, to get you more reviews.

If you would like to do this, First fill out this form: 

Second, I will contact you to submit a review of your choice. Depending on the response to this, I am hoping to narrow it down to TOP 10.

Thirdly, Once we have it down to Top 10, I will send you a book (via Amazon-so you need a kindle or kindle app available to you). Once you have the book I have sent, then you read it and submit me a review on that book. The reason for this is so I know I've read the book and can really see your review style. I can also see turn around time.

Fourth, I will narrow from there to a TOP 5. Everyone in the TOP five will get A SWAG Pack (Each one is random with bookmarks, button, pens, magnets, etc. (could be any or all))

Finally,to the final contestants I will gift a book of your choice (up to $4.99) to submit a review on. (also via Amazon)

I hope that this will lead to good working relationship, to share more reviews with my followers.

To the people that choose to do this, reviews need to be on a professional level, by that I mean that I want reasons that you loved, or hated, said book. Don't just say “I hated it, worst book ever”, I want to know why you felt the way you did. (ie, character development, plot continuity, writing style, emotional level, etc.) You can give a break down of basic plot but also give the above (please don't give plot summary and then say “I really Loved it.”) I also want to give total credit to the reviewer with links to your page or blog, but I know that some people do not feel comfortable reviewing books under their real name, due to jobs or community, in this case you can have a pseudonym if you choose and stay anonymous.  Also, On a side note: I really like when reviewers put some of their favorite quotes from the book.  Not anything that would spoil the book, but things that made you laugh, cry, scream, etc. Lastly, please don't spoil the book for the readers, that just mean. If you feel the need to spoil a book, make sure you clearly state that a spoiler is coming (but, I prefer no Spoiling)

I hope this inspires people who would love to review books, but just doesn't have the time to run a blog.

So what does everyone think? Good idea or bad idea?

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