Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Deception by Evie Rose COVER REVEAL

Roxi is an expert at deceiving the people around her. Everyone thinks she has an ideal life, a picture perfect family, a beautiful house and a luxurious lifestyle. But underneath her hard exterior is a tormented soul on the brink of giving up hope of ever finding a better tomorrow.
Luke’s past haunts him every single day. Not a second goes by without deep sorrow. He will never forget what he has done, and he doesn’t want to. No one is more deserving of guilt eating away at them than he is. He spends his time forever trying to make up for the one mistake that ruined not only his life but everyone he ever loved.
Cracks are forming in the mask Roxi wears and Luke sees right through them. The only question is, will he realise he is worthy of love and step in to save her before it’s too late, or continue to think he is not good enough to be happy?

Expected release – November 2013

Evie Rose resides with her family in sunny Queensland, Australia.
She would take a coffee and a good book over going out and partying any day of the week. On occasion she likes to mix it up with a glass of wine instead, but more often than not gets annoyed that she ended up falling asleep with her kindle on her face.

Evie can’t cook, hates to do the housework, and likes to think she is a professional shopper. However, when she writes she can create a character that is everything she’s not and live through them – who needs perfection when you can live vicariously through a wonderful book!

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