Saturday, March 15, 2014

Making Nail Templates for your Jamberry Nail Wraps

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Tired of Guessing which wrap to go with? Is your Cutical line curved or straight?  Well, here’s a way to take the guess work out of matching up your Jamberry Wraps.


1. Place a piece of tape on finger (Masking Tape is Best).  Press firmly on nail, making sure to push along the nail/skin border.

IMG_61142. Take pen (fine tip) and draw along the line of your nail. 

3. Remove tape from nail and place on an index card or other thick card stock.IMG_6117

4. Label each nail so you can identify with each use. Example: RHT (Right Hand Thumb), or LHP (Left Hand Pinkie)

5. Once you have all your nails done and placed on index card and labeled, then cut them out.

IMG_6120 IMG_6122

6. use your template to size for the correct strip.  It also allows you to properly size bigger wraps to the right size and get the most out of each sheet.


7. Place your template on top of the selected wrap and trim to the contour of the template. 

IMG_6126 IMG_6131

Doing Templates takes some time to do, but once they are done, they are done and you can reuse without the guesswork.  This helps achieve a close fit to your natural nail.

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  1. That is so awesome! Templates take the guesswork out of sizing your Jamberry JAMicure! You are so creative :-)