Thursday, August 1, 2013

Keeper Trilogy by Robyn Roze

Keeper Trilogy

Olivia Marshall suffered a devastating loss as a child and an unforgivable betrayal as a teenager. Her inner strength keeps her moving forward but not necessarily choosing the best path. Incapable of making real attachments, for fear of losing them or having to confide her past to them, Olivia is determined to set a course that will take her away from the memories and the man she desperately needs to leave behind.
However, when Jake McCloud enters her life, she starts to lose focus and her plan becomes less certain. She wants what he’s offering, more than anything, but is unable to give him what he needs in return. Conflicts arise that ultimately bring them closer and make them stronger. That is until it’s ripped away, confirming to Olivia what she had believed all along…she’s not like everyone else and was wrong to expect the same happiness.
Olivia thought her darkest days lay behind her but soon discovers that even darker times lie ahead. 
KEEPER, Book 1
Olivia Marshall is about to discover that sometimes the easy way, is the hardest way out.
You can sample the first ten chapters at Wattpad:
KEEP HER, Book 2
Olivia Marshall has a decision to make, unless someone else makes it for her. If that happens, there will be a price to pay . . . the new Olivia will make certain of it.
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Olivia finally has her freedom, or does she?
The clock is ticking.
Time is running out.
It’s now or never.                                                                                                                                                                                      
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